The Other Other White Meat

The Other Other White Meat

brining sucker in the beer fridge

Yesterday I wrote about my experience catching suckers– this is the second half of the story. The part where I eat them.

I decided to cook them two ways: for most of the meat, I’d smoke it over hickory for a few hours. I reserved a large brined fillet for frying. In everything I’d read about the suckers, the single biggest obstacle in eating them wasn’t their…

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Free-range locally-grown wild fish meat

Free-range locally-grown wild fish meat

Last night I arrived at my first stop, parked the car, and hopped out. After wolfing down some ramp risotto, I was on the hunt for suckers.

A few months ago I’d found this small creek that fed the Thornapple. When I did, I made a mental note: Fish like creek mouths. I’d heard of the mysterious spring sucker run, and that they often stacked up in creek mouths like this one.

After an afternoon of…

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Ramp and Wild Chive Risotto

Ramp and Wild Chive Risotto

photo 2

At the risk of sounding all fancy-pants bananas hipster food-snob foodie, I made ramp risotto last night.

every day I seem to find more patches of ramps

every day I seem to find more patches of ramps

It wasn’t that fancy. It was really a simple dish, easy to cook.

I went out back and grabbed a handful of ramps (wild leeks) from a few different patches. I dug a bit with my fingers and sliced them off just above their roots, leaving the roots…

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Ray Bergman’s wet flies tied by Rane Olsen

This is such a great feat completed by a Finnish tyer Rane Olsen that I had to share it with my readers. 234 wet fly patterns from Bergman’s books as listed in the Bergman collection by Don Bastian. 

I have many times played with the idea of tying the collection but it’s such a huge task on many levels that I have decided to postpone it to distant future. Hats off to Rane (and Don of course) for completing the set.

On the photo I collected some of my favorite patterns and ties from the set.
You can see the full list of patterns here.

So pretty!





you know how i said i’d really only experienced sensory overload like once or twice in my life


apparently i lied

apparently i have always been experiencing sensory overload

every minute of my life


description of my life

So this stuff is sensory overload and not just normal? Wow… I used to think the only times I experienced it was when confronted with large blocks of numbers (e.g. in the Matrix)

Nope. We’re living a lie. I thought all of this was just an average day, but turns out I was just overloading pretty much all the time.

Wow… this is sort of me

Who’s the sucker now?

Last week on my way home from the grocery store I stopped at a bridge over the Thornapple River. Walking out to the middle I met some folks who had a bunch of lines out into the water. I asked them if they had any luck, and then what they were fishing for. “Suckers, then […]

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Wild green things

I’m going to pretend that  dusting of snow never happened and keep focusing on all the green things that are popping up. Our good friends the Vinks were over last week, and during a short hike around our property Pam found wild chives. I practically wet my pants out of excitement. Food! Growing wild in […]

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I found the original patent of the land we live on– turns out this dude purchased it from the government (who likely stole it from the native americans) in 1839


The only snow that remains is hidden under layers of brush and tree branches. We are getting our first looks at our yard; Last winter’s first snow was the day we moved, and most of our property had been under many feet of snow every since. If I try hard enough, I can almost forget … [Read more…]

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Almost Legal

This Saturday I completed the Michigan Hunter’s Safety Course, the training necessary for purchasing a hunting license. To risk sounding overdramatic, it was the next step in a long journey that started when my friends handed me a fishing rod those few years ago. Although I love everything about fishing– being outside, exploring new waters, … [Read more…]

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Backyard Adventures

I haven’t written much lately. That’s not to say I haven’t been busy doing things, I simply haven’t felt the need to document anything in a public way. Of course I’m documenting everything with pictures and notes; I recently built a web-based journal app that I’m using to aggregate and record all my activities on … [Read more…]

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American Pheasant Tail Nymph from Tightline Productions on Vimeo.

Detailed instructions for tying an American Pheasant Tail Nymph.

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